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Fairy Tail: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gajeel & Levy’s Relationship

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Jun 24, - Explore Tatyana Joorisity's board "Gajeel and Levy" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Gajeel and levy, Fairy tail ships, Gale fairy tail pins.


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The Panty Incident - A continuation of the Christmas Special where Gajeel and Levy walk home and attempt to flirt with each other. Too caught into their world, they forgot they had company. made by Rboz | pins.

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Gajeel took his time taking Levy out of her wedding dress, treating her like a delicate being, even though she was anything but. His hands were everywhere, touching, caressing, embracing. It was quite the contradiction of what his normal style would be, brusque, loud, and abrasive.

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Jun 24, - Explore Tatyana Joorisity's board "Gajeel and Levy" on Pinterest. See more ideas about Gajeel and levy, Fairy tail ships, Gale fairy tail pins.

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Suddenly, the keys are stolen by Eclipse Pisces. She runs away from him, thinking he called her Levy and gajeel and hating him. Following the party, the girls go to a hot spring and Brandish shrinks them for them to have fun. However, Gajeel is completely and genuinely dedicated to whatever guild he is affiliated with. She mentions that she didn't want him to judge her bust size in her costume, something Gajeel doesn't care about.

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With ten minutes left until Thunder Palace rains Levy and gajeel on Magnolia, Porlyusica arrives to help the extremely sickened Makarov. Thunder God Tribe. Levy would never leave a friend behind, and that holds true to Gajeel too. Later on, the girls sober up and enter the hot spring, where Levy comments on Lucy forcing Natsu to give her Thai teen lesbians piggyback ride. Levy and gajeel Being brought back to her senses when Gajeel viscously shakes her, Levy is asked by the Dragon Slayer to give air to her other comrades, and becomes flustered when she realizes she could have used her Magic to give Gajeel air rather than mouth-to-mouth. Levy infiltrated into Avatar's cult gaining the information to arrest all cultist.

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This story includes Laxus x OC, Gajeel x Levy, Natsu x Lucy, Sting x Yukino, Rogue x Kagura, and Cobra(Erik) x Kinana. Read and enjoy Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Gajeel R., Natsu D., Laxus D., Cobra/Erik - Chapters: 7 - Words: 8, - Reviews: 29 - Favs: - Follows: 59 - Updated: 8/31/ - Published: 7/9/ - Status: Complete - id:

Levy McGarden

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Gajeel: Really? Then what is the answer? Levy: The only people that went fishing were a grandfather, his son, and his grandson. Levy: GET RECKED. Levy: No one's going to guess this! I'm going to ask the whole guild! MWAHAHAHA. Gajeel: I did not realize you were that evil Shrimp I like it ;) Levy: Evil? Meme? Gajeel: WHOA. Levy: I dont get what you MEME.

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However, when Jet and Droy fail to reach it, Levy is determined to do it herself, only to be stopped by Gajeel, who attempts to go after the red object himself but soon fails. Gajeel says that Brandi big tits has become quite peace-loving which angers Freed. At the same time, Pantherlily Levy and gajeel Samuel, who is utterly confused about his wrong calculations, and Levy comments on that saying that there are all kinds of Exceeds out there. Their back and forth is reminiscent of school kids picking on the one they like to get their attention. The trio didn't catch the former comrades of Fairy Tail, although Gajeel stated several times that he was going to arrest them. With a clue provided Levy and gajeel Juvia, Levy decides to go and look for Gajeel in Denish, the city where he used to live before joining Phantom Lord. Having won the game, Gajeel claims Lucy as his prize and made her, along with Levy, put on bunny suits as they dance by him while he sings and plays the guitar.

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One door closes and another opens is an apt phrase as Gajeel finds himself among the living. When Bradman tries to drag him into the underworld, Gajeel goes to great lengths to stop Levy from saving him, since she would be dragged along with him, even using his Rainbow heart to immobilize her. Fairy tail gajeel x levy. Related Topics Lists Fairy Tail. After Capricorn Levy and gajeel "Gonzales," the announcer credits Capricorn for the answer. Her outfit Levy and gajeel throughout the series, but she has typically been seen wearing either dresses or a tank top with shorts. Team Natsu.

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How'd Levy and gajeel know!!!!!!!!. Gajeel x Levy. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's Levy and gajeel your interests connect you with your people. Fairy tail gajeel x levy. Gajeel as a cat. I didn't know how much I needed this until now.

Ask box will open every Saturday. Fairy Tail GaLe. Gajeel's day. Gajeel, levy, and panther lily. Fairy tail gajeel levy and Lilly. Gajeel's grin.


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