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Nydus worms are enormous zerg creatures that can dig through tunnels and transport units. They can be summoned from the Nydus Network. Nydus worms were assimilated from the Zerusian Nydus Eel. This created 2 strains: the nydus worm and the Nydus Destroyer.

Nydus Worm

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An unknown mutation has caused these normally peaceful creatures to become much more dangerous. Adult worms are capable of transporting infested creatures, up to and including agrons in size, across the surface of the moon, done by forming a tube through the worm's body. This results in an unlimited number of zombies wherever these Nydus Worms surface, easily overrunning the marines unless.

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

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Nydus worm can be very effective in many different use cases. Combat: All you need for a nydus worm deployment is line of sight which you can easily achieve with an overlord/overseer. This can be an effective way to get through a walled in opponent without actually taking out their wall. Nydus worms also generate creep so you could even setup spine crawlers if you so wish. Another way to use.

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Remove nydus worm cry that occurs when a worm exit finishes. There is no point to this and makes the tactic nearly nonviable for sneak attacks. Make load/unload speed proportional to unit supply. e.g. zerglings should load and unload much faster than ultralisks. Perhaps multiple lings can unload at a time or just the speed can alter.

Is it better to take out Nydus Worms or air support the final mission?

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Khaldor ESL Pro Tour. Liquipedia Discussion. This created 2 strains: the nydus worm and the Nydus Destroyer.

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User Info: headlesshead headlesshead 10 years ago 7 On hard I just took out the air, built a Nydus worm fortress by each entrance, got the 4 merc tanks, banshees and BC. The unsung heroes of TSL. User Info: SkimGuy. Mini 8. No broodlords.

Nydus Worm Network

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People here seem to miss the original point of Nydus Worm in the game. It was not meant to be a go-to strategy or a sneak attack thing, it was mostly meant to create epic WOW moments in games. Like the Nuke for Terran or Mothership for Protoss. It's not made for players as much as it is made for spectators.

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StarCraft I had the Nydus Canals, but the Zerg has evolved and now have Nydus Worms, which are used for instant transportation. Background.

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Just used a few siege tanks with a science vessel in each side to hold waves. Snow vs Sacsri. Once the Worm is completed, it cannot be relocated and will act as an immobile structure. Now, they have 6 armor while emerging from the ground. Nydus worm Nydus Worm network is greatly beneficial against slow and immobile mech armies. Bly vs HellRaiser. That was Nydus worm insane network.

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DreamHack Open Jan Do you guys trust "Activision Blizzard" with a new Starcraft game. Printable version. Post a Reply 1 2 3 4 Next All. Amantes de StarCraft 2. Tech Support 4 Answers How do Nydus worm start a new campaign fresh. Sign In Don't have an account. Armory with Speedlings.

Log In Log In Register. Nydus worm 2 Brood War Blogs. News Featured News. StarCraft 2 Ariel the mermaid porn. Mapmakers, why do maps even have bases. Mapmakers, why do maps have even bases.

Brood War General. Small VOD Thread 2. Other Games Heroes of the Storm. Is Hearthstone Gambling. LoL Tournaments. Community General. The unsung heroes of TSL.

Cyberpunk can't be fixed…. Another Christmas, another p…. The StarCraft O…. Customize Sidebar Nydus Worm Nydus worm. Post a Reply.

I came across this on Reddit. Very cool. Nydus worm going to try this. I saw ret use this with ultralisk against a 4 base toss and it worked very well. That was an insane network. Props to the zerg for remembering where all the connections land. From what I can count, he created 9 worms in the video above, using two networks. Double network is so worth it, not only because you can spawn two worms at seperate locations, but also because you can spawn them next to eachother and unload units twice as fast.

Great video and excellent nydus play. On June 07 Beakerbite wrote: That was an insane network. Non-zerg player here. I'm just wondering how expensive Jsrf beat those worms would be.

It seems to Nydus worm that'd cut into your army size quite a bit. Honestly the toss in this video is retarded, if you leave 2 stalkers in the main they can kill the nydus before it spawns. Nydus play like this works great vs expos that are far apart though, and on desert oasis in general.

You only need 10dps to kill it before units unload. The reason you rarely see nydus worms used offensively is just because they're so easy to kill, and if they die before you get a significant force out, then you just threw away all the units that got through, plus the worm.

IMO they're better used defensively, by connecting all your expansions. See you again meme time i've Nydus worm it used so effectively. Also it takes like at max 2 units to kill a nydus worm as its spawning. Still good play and I still see a future in nydus worms as strategies evolve but it will never be a mainstreamed strategy.

Well I love nydus' i get nydus at 4 minute mark sometimes. That really is pretty impressive. That would be exteremly hard to handle once he got Nydus worm 3 Nydus worm up and even killing one off wouldn't stop him from teleporting between your main and natural. I guess the only Tiny shaved pussy to stop that strategy is to snipe the first worm before the crazy network gets built up.

On June 07 Bob wrote: Well I Schoolgirl gagged nydus' i get nydus at 4 minute mark sometimes. The toss could have defended that if he had split his troops better, but that gives me some great ideas. Hiding nydus worms in random corners would make flanking so easy "Where did those infestors come from and what are they doing to my colossi" -toss player. Live Fetish taboo Bald Guy Classic.

Vanya vs goblin LIVE. SKillous vs Rodzyn. CreightonOlsen Liquipedia Discussion. WardiTV Archon Event. Elazer vs Kelazhur. Lambo vs souL. Kas vs TBD. WardiTV TaKeTV IndyStarCraft LamboSC2 Khaldor Westballz Alpha Pro Series. MaSa vs Vanya. ITaX Trovo Weekly. Solar vs Bunny. INnoVation vs Zoun. Bald Guy Classic. La Espira. CasterMuse Starleague. Snow vs Sacsri. Sharp vs Rush. FreeTON League.

KingCobra vs EnigmA. Bly vs HellRaiser. SKillous vs Moja. Amantes de StarCraft 2. The NA Apprentice. PattyMac vs Ukko. GG of the Year. BW Jeez Weekly. PianO vs Hyuk. ESL Pro Tour.

ITaX Trovo Rumble. Dream vs RagnaroK. PartinG vs Bunny. BW Jeez Weekly TeamLiquid StarLeague 6. IEM Global Challenge. Ultimate Battle. Shinhan Tank Proleague S4. CasterMuse StarLeague Season 4. Rookie StarLeague Season 5. Community Clash League S1. ASTL Nydus worm 2.

BW Jeez weekly GF Battle for Aiur: Bonyth vs Dewalt. IEM Katowice Cheeseadelphia Winter.


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