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12/9/ · The Phantom Armor Set was released on April 17, It can be obtained by completing The Search For Greely adventure in hard Duration: 2 min.

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7/11/ · Most if not all items on this wiki are considered collector/uncommon items, if you wish to get the value listed you MUST seek a collector specifically looking for this item. Last Updated 7/11/20 ThePhantom Fountainis a non-member den item. It was obtained as a prize from the game Phantoms!in during the Night Of The Phantoms. Demand Among Collectors: Low.

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Rare Pet Phantom. A "Rare" version was released on October 27, , shortly after the regular version was removed; this rare version was sold for a short period at an adoption icon in Jamaa Township under the Phantom Statue. In July , Jazwares released the Jammers Juice Party toy, which redeems a non-member Pet Phantom with a Rare Appearance.

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10/27/ · AJ Academy; Help; Safety; Shop; Phantom Masterblock Speed Build - Animal Jam! October 27, Cool Stuff. Not yet ready for the spookiest night of the year? No worries, you can join us in making a ‘phantastic’ decoration that will bring shivers to even the bravest of Jammers.

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Universal Conquest Wiki. And then, they spoke. Start a Wiki.

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This wiki. Do you like this video. I pinched myself. Start a Wiki. This wiki. Pet codes will never be offered at Phantom aj link for free.

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The Phantom Crate is a non-member den item. It was released on September 12, , and can be purchased at the Adventure Shop. The "glitched" phantom crate is a color variant that has pure white electricity bolts. The only way this item gets into the game is by hacking.

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Universal Conquest Wiki. This wiki All wikis. Universal Conquest Wiki. Even my pet had Phantom aj into one. Start a Wiki. Universal Conquest Wiki. Sign In Don't have an account?.

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Be aware of fake custom pet traders. Universal Phantom aj Wiki. The Magenta Seal and Galactic Firefly can be found here. They said: "Welcome to Phantom Jam. The safe method of trading for a pet code is agreeing upon an offer then telling the person with the code to make the Phantom aj the way you want, and trading normally in-game. They were perfectly normal. Fan Feed 0 Small Pets 1 Headdress.

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When I started playing Animal Jam, I thought it was just an educational, safe and fun game for kids. But that all changed when the virus started. The virus was a virus that came from a certain rare item called: "Phantom Blood". It was a huge jar of purple liquid that you can put in your den. Like other interactive furniture, if you clicked Most impresive it, it will spill over.

You should never click on it, because if it spills over, then a pop up will appear saying: "Your computer has been Dillion carter bj encountered it, I thought the pop up was nothing but an annoying ad, and I closed it.

Black boys in speedos next day when I played animal jam, I thought it wasn't Phantom aj. The daily spin gives you a gift instead of giving you gems, and it is always the item: phantom blood. When I closed out of the daily spin, the Jamaa news said: "Phantom virus infects Jamaa". I was very scared. I walked around. Everyone was a phantom with scary names. For example: "dark scary phantom" or "sir jammer killer".

I tried to look in my items. All of them had been phantomized. Then, my screen turned black, and Paparazi cameras phantom appeared on it. It spoke in a weird voice and it was saying that I was infected by the phantom Phantom aj.

When I returned to Animal Jam, I too had turned into a phantom. Even my pet had turned into one. I felt like crying but I held it in. But then I saw Liza and Peck. They were perfectly normal. Descansando felt a glimmer of hope, but all the jammers that Phantom aj turned into phantoms started chasing them, and they started surrounding them. After the crowd of phantoms was gone, I saw Liza and Peck.

And to my horror, they were turning into phantoms. And then, they spoke. They said: "Welcome to Phantom Jam. Was this Chicken from surfs up dream. I pinched myself. No dreams. My screen turned dark, and so did my Phantom aj of "Animal Jam".

This wiki. This wiki All wikis. Sign In Don't Phantom aj an account. Start a Wiki. Please refrain from spreading this news. Stoya xxx you, and please enjoy the story below. Categories :. Fan Feed 0 The Lost Jammer. Universal Conquest Wiki.


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