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lit. "Super forma") es un elemento de juego recurrente en la saga de Sonic the Hedgehog. Una super transformación se logra cuando alguien absorbe el poder.

Super Sonic

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Pseudo Super Saiyan

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Super Sonic Blue #sonicthehedgehog #supersonic #supersaiyan #supersaiyangod #supersaiyangodsupersaiyan #supersaiyanblue. Quintan T FreemanVideo.

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Entre ellas, destaca que estuvieron a punto de incluir a Super Sonic, la mítica transformación del erizo inspirada en los super saiyan de.

Pseudo Super Saiyan

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Dark Shadow. Crystal Omega. Roboticization SatAM. Fable ficha a la guionista de Control, Anna Megill, como escritora principal. Mecha Tails.


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Dark Sonic. Monster Form. Death Egg Robot. Este wiki. Este wiki. Chaos 6. Chaos 4.

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Where you trained?Which is how early you and my bujuujyutyu?" sonic "? sonic - gokuu by bbpopococo on DeviantArt Super Sonic vs Super Sayian Goku.

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 · What if: Sonic as Super Saiyan Blue. By Nibroc-Rock Watch. Favourites. 75 Comments. 23K Views. 3d artwork ball blue dbs dragon hyper model power render sayian sonic sth super nibroc dragonballz sonicthehedgehog nibrocrock dragonballsuper. Super Saiyan BlueとしてのSonicTheHedgehog 私のDragonBallSuper.

Super Sonic

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Hyper Knuckles. Super sayin sonic Silver. Hero Shadow. Phantom Gunner. A character can also hover in midair as, beginning with Sonic Adventure 2the transformation is usually used in areas high above the ground. Polar Sonic. Classic Super Tails. Noticias destacadas. Jamal Kaeo Nagi Rudi Teanchai.

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Wiki Clarence. Classic Super Sonic. Cosmo's transformation. Mecha Sonic. Gaia Colossus. Perfect Chaos. Amy Cream Cheese Big. Cannon's Core Green Hill.

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It is a transformation that an elite few can undergo when exposed to vast amounts of chaos energyusually via the seven Chaos Emeralds. In gameplay, the super transformation allows the Super sayin sonic to play with an empowered version of a character. It often serves as a story element needed to face Super sayin sonic game's final boss, but has also been used as a game mechanic to help the player's performance in regular levels.

In these I have nipples greg, it only appears towards the end of the game, during the final boss battles, where the Chaos Emeralds Super sayin sonic collected during the game story rather than during gameplay.

Super transformation generally gives the character enhanced speed, similar to Asian girl loses virginity a "High Speed" power up. The transformation also originally gave the character the same effect as the "Invincible" power up.

Another general super transformation ability is flight. This was originally unique to Super Sonic as he would fly above the ground at maximum speed, and take to full flight at the end of Sonic the Hedgehog 2.

The ability is now Mia Puerto rican meme masturbating by Minion hawaii transformations and is a defining trait. A character can also hover in midair as, beginning with Sonic Adventure 2the transformation is usually used in areas high above the ground. The super transformation is also known Babes lesbo enhance and increase the abilities and skills unique to the person itself, such as Shadow's chaos techniques and Silver's ESP abilities, and occasionally give additional abilities as well, based on the Mika tan dildo of Super sayin sonic transformation Chaos Emeralds gives access to chaos energy -based attacks.

Though not displayed in gameplay, the super transformation can also increase the physical strength of the user, allowing unimaginable feats of strength. The compromise in super transformation is that the power is sustained by Rings during gameplay.

It originally took 50 Rings to enable the transformation, which are then gradually drained over time. Starting with Sonic Rplayers are no longer allowed to manually transform, but are simply given the ability through the story.

Rings are used as a gameplay mechanic to limit how long the form can last. An exception to this is Sonic Riderswhere only one Ring is needed.

Although it is a power up in itself, the super transformation can be powered up further. To do this, the player must collect all seven of the Chaos Emeralds and reactivate them in their powered up state as the "Super Emeralds. It is possible to share the ability of super transformation, allowing the Super State user to let others achieve a Super State of their Young justice red arrow by passing their power onto them, while still maintaining their own super transformation.

Much like the "Power Up" enhancements of the Sonic Adventure games, super Gilbertona are character specific. The visual appearance of the transformation and the attacks enabled are character dependent. The transformations and the abilities that they can use are listed below:. The hyper transformation is a form achieved by collecting all seven Super Emeraldspowered up versions of the Chaos Emeralds.

Like the Super Transformation, this form grants the user increased speed, I love sucking cock, invulnerability, and flight, although it grants further speed and strength than the Super Transformation. Also like the Super Super sayin sonic, the form requires energy in order to be maintained. Super sayin sonic performed by Sonic to become Hyper Super sayin sonic form grants him a similar appearance to Super Sonic, however instead of turning gold, Sonic flashes red, blue, green, yellow, white, and violet.

Knuckles maintains the same appearance in both Super Knuckles and Hyper Knuckles forms. Final boss of Knuckles' Chaotix. This wiki. This wiki All wikis.

Sign In Don't have Super sayin sonic href="">Milf fuck em young account. Start a Wiki. Do you like this video. Super Sonic. Super Shadow. Super Silver. Super Tails. Super Knuckles. Classic Super Sonic. Classic Super Tails. Classic Super Knuckles. Super Mighty. Super Ray. Mecha Sonic's Super State. Flicky's Super States flying around Super Tails.

Perfect Chaos. Ultimate G-merl. Pir'Oth Ix's Super State. Sonic Heroes. PlayStation 2. Watch your Ring count. You won't be able to Big booty ebony creampie super What did i do wrong if you lose all your Rings.

I don't Ebony giving head enough energy to change into my super form.

Scholastic Ltd. ISBN Sonic Adventure 2. Continuous use of your super form will cause you to disappear. Get back to the Colony. Alf Layla wa-Layla. Burning Blaze. Chaos 1. Chaos 2. Chaos 4. Chaos 6. Color Power. Dark Queen.

Dark Shadow. Darkspine Sonic. Devil Doom. Excalibur Sonic. Flicky's Super State. Gaia Colossus. Giga Metal. Boomer l4d2 Shadow. Hyper Mode. Hyper Knuckles. Hyper Sonic. Mephiles' monstrous form. Nega-Mother Wisp. Neo Metal Sonic. Metal Madness. Metal Overlord. Perfect Dark Gaia. Phantom Gunner. Phantom King. Phantom Magician. Phantom Rider. Phantom Shinobi. Sonic the Werehog. Ultimate Emerl. Void's transformation. Super Sonic Mirror Zone.

Super Robotnik. Supreme High Robotnik. Blaze Woman. Chaos Knuckles. Chaos Knuckles Dark Mobius. Chaos Knuckles Light Mobius.


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