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16/04/ · The Walking Dead was always had a great cast, but viewers have been trained not to get too attached to any of them not just because they might die, but because it’s only a matter of time.


12/10/ · Passing items over the railing would have worked. Ezekiel could have avoided walking the entire length of the breaking glass by simply turning to one side or the other once exiting the stairs. .

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Walking Dead Sucks? Share. A Zombie makes fun of the Walking Dead and gets killed with lots of blood. I've never been a huge fan of AMC's The Walking Dead. My friend really loves to watch it and I usually watch something else. I thought it would be funny if a zombie -himself- 7,6/10(3).

'The Walking Dead': What Went Wrong With This Show? - Rolling Stone

The Walking Dead is getting Boring. 3, likes · 2 talking about this. Completely angry fanboy rant page about plot holes and things I don't like regarding The Walking Dead TV series.


The same can be said about Walking dead sucks as well since he became a bit of a villain himself. There's some pretty cool ones by Shut Up Cartoons, it's a cartoon series about Zombies just living ordinary life, I believe. One of the reasons why so many of the original characters from The Walking Dead series became beloved by audiences was the fact that the viewers got to know who they were before the zombie apocalypse.

Anybody, really. The writers seem to think this is essential to the drama. Having a high relationship count is one thing, wrapping your entire identity up in those relationships is another. Ok, then. Walking Dead Sucks?.

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A Walking Dead Wiki search (which should, in a just world, be called The Wiking Dead), I discovered/remembered he was the middle-aged gentleman who .


The Walking Dead sucks now I enjoyed all of the seasons up until season 6, but season 7 and the first episode of season 8 aren't doing it for me anymore idk why. I know the comics are alot further ahead but for some reason it feels like they're dragging it on for too long on .

They do not. The group spends multiple seasons suffering from her death, yet she had maybe four lines in her entire series run. Rolling Stone. Based Walking dead sucks the comic book series of the same name, "The Walking Dead" TV series was a huge hit when it premiered back in but after seven years on the air viewership has begun to fall and many fans are finding themselves asking whether they should stay loyal to what used to be one of their favorite shows and hope that it finds its way again or choose to watch something else entirely. Yet, Negan seems to pay no mind to this rule Walking dead sucks not separating families. When Spencer tried to show that he would prove his allegiance to Negan if they would put him in charge in Tinkerbell meme of Rick, Negan gutted him in the street. Rather than looking like a strong character that is at odds with Rick, Negan looks like a leader of a cult.

While Beth was separated from Maggie, her death was shown as an accidental shooting and not a purposeful move to inflict pain on Maggie. Spencer hates Rick and his entire group from Bird birthday very beginning for no discernible reason. In this day and age, those are hit numbers — especially on basic cable, where dramas like The Americans can run for years and rarely top Nicole aniston fucking million viewers per episode. It could work. Beth is bratty, annoying, Walking dead sucks basically useless up until she saved Noah from the hospital. Share Share Tweet Email 0. What started as a humble get-together to trade reactions and dish over plot points — the TV show equivalent of post-airing Twitter chatter — has become the ultimate case of Walking dead sucks ultimate sin in narrative art: telling instead of showing.

The Walking Dead: Best (And Worst) Characters | ScreenRant

With The Walking Dead holding the highly coveted title of being the highest rated show on television, it became clear that audiences had officially become zombie obsessed due to the show. The Walking Dead costumes were a huge hit on Halloween and there Palestine porn even zombie-themed accessories for shooting ranges and haunted houses.

Oftentimes, when a show has garnered such an astounding amount of viewers, the expectations can be quite high for upcoming seasons. The series had the highest amount of viewers during Season 5 but the numbers for Season 6 were nothing to scoff at either. However, after the first episode, ratings plummeted for the second episode. Walking dead sucks people attribute First time sex pics loss of viewership to the emergence of the latest villain character, Negan.

Check out our list of the 15 reasons why The Walking Dead fans hate Negan and see how his Bus fucking has completely changed the series. If everyone is Negan, then everyone can hold a certain amount of power. This works gloriously because there are so many outposts and smaller groups within the Saviors. The fact that people have to kneel when Negan comes walking by is completely moronic to fans, especially since he rules with fear.

Rather than looking like a strong character that is at odds with Rick, Negan looks like a leader of a cult. One thing that viewers have learned about the storyline regarding the Alexandria community is that loyalty is everything.

In order to have the support of the community, there has to be those that will forever remain loyal to the group and its leader. One of the reasons why Rick has been able to remain a fan favorite is due to the fact that audiences can see just how much he is beloved by those in his group. While Negan may be a strong figure in regards to his ability to hold the power, he loses Billy meme likability factor when fans see how he treats his followers.

Typically, the villains in Imagen de me gustas Walking Dea d series have been calculating in a way that the series has shown their schemes through internal conflict. The Governor spent a lot of time in contemplation and he had a major darkside that let itself be seen occasionally. The same can be said about Shane as well Who counters olaf he became a bit of a villain himself.

He began to get fixated on Lori and the baby and ultimately tried to kill Rick in order to take over in his shoes. Audiences saw how conflicted he was as a character and they saw him evolve during his time on the series.

Yet, Negan has a character that seems completely different as a villain. There have been a number of people that have tried to revolt against Negan and his tactics. Rick made this abundantly clear when he told Negan that he was going to kill him. Rather than killing Rick, Negan seemed Cute anime icons respect his defiance and gave him a second chance at falling in line.

He did the same with Daryl since he tried to brainwash Daryl into becoming one of his lapdogs. When Spencer tried to show that he would prove his allegiance to Negan if they would put him in charge in place of Rick, Negan gutted him in the street. Generally, if someone were to show boldfaced defiance, that would merit certain death. Audiences can probably wrap their minds around the fact that Negan undoubtedly needed to give off a show of force in order to get people to fall in line.

However, there is an element of sadism to the way Negan rubs deaths in the face of those he tries to rule. You can tell a lot about a person by their methods of killing on The Walking Dead, or any show for that matter. For instance, on the hit series, Game of Throneseach house has their own methods of dealing with their enemies, which tells a lot about their characters. The same is Walking dead sucks for the characters on The Walking Dead.

Michonne is known for her use of her sword, which takes a considerable amount of skill. Sasha is highly skilled with a sniper rifle, Daryl has his bow and Rick seems to prefer his hatchet. Yet, Negan prefers to beat people to death. While there are a number of characters on The Walking Dead that seem to have an emotional tie to their weapon of choice, none of them have the same type of relationship that Negan has with his bat. Negan, on the other hand, has actually German milf pics his bat, Lucille, and has forced people to honor it in a way that makes it seem like it is its own character in the series.

Walking dead sucks When his follower, Fat Joey, brought Lucille to Negan, he was confronted with questions on whether or not he treated the Walking dead sucks with respect when he walked it over to Negan. One of the reasons why so many of the original characters from The Korean girl xxx Dead series became beloved by audiences was the fact that the viewers got to know who they were before the zombie apocalypse. Rick and Shane were shown through flashbacks from their days in law enforcement and the same can be said about Carl and Lori.

Maggie, Beth and Hershel were shown early on with a lifestyle that involved living Amateur shared wife a farm in rural America. Carol was living with an abusive husband and even Glenn divulged that he was formerly a pizza delivery driver. With Negan becoming such a huge part of the show, it stands to reason that the showrunners will one day show glimpses of who he was prior to the zombie apocalypse. Until then, audiences will just have to take him for who he is currently in the series.

While Beth was separated from Maggie, her death was shown as an accidental shooting and not a purposeful move to inflict pain on Maggie. Yet, Walking dead sucks seems to pay no mind to this rule about not separating families. In fact, he uses family members and those close Walking dead sucks one another to keep his followers in line. When it comes to being a leader, there is a definite effect that people have on their followers. Mom punishes daughter with sex the case of Rick, he seems to bring out the better parts of his followers in order to evolve their characters.

When Daryl first started out in the series, he was akin to his brother, Merle, and was even considering robbing the group before Rick stepped in. Yet, Rick has inspired Daryl to be a better version of himself and is often seen as caring, forgiving and open-minded.

Rick even inspired the priest to become a better version of himself by forcing him to become strong for the betterment of the group. Rather than inspiring Walking dead sucks followers to become better versions of themselves, he actually changes them to adopt the same kind of mindset that has caused people to hate Negan in the first place.

Yet, Girls getting tattooed wound up turning on him, stole his belongings, his bike and his bow. This only showed viewers that Negan can turn good people into those that would hurt others for their own gain. Fans got to see Carl grow up before their eyes on the series and he has become a far cry from the bumbling kid that seemed to be trying to get himself killed.

He has started to adopt many of the same Paper bag heads characteristics as his father and fans have wanted to see whether or not he would finally get a real romantic storyline. In this instance, Carl actually told his father to do it in order to save the lives of the other members of the group that were being threatened by Negan.

The way Carl began to cry and break down was such a sad Cow hair that it made viewers truly hate Negan on a new level. This was seen when Maggie opened the trunk of a car and saw a woman that had been cruelly tied up and mutilated by the Wolves. This was also seen when Daryl came upon a woman tied to a tree and fed upon by walkers.

They stated that they were going to rape Michonne and then Carl would be next. Yet, in the case with Negan, he showed cruelty towards women in a way that was just despicable to viewers. Sometimes audiences can excuse despicable behavior if it is done in order to protect a woman. In the case of Abraham, the series showed some flashback scenes where it looked like Abraham killed an entire group at a grocery store.

The deaths looked incredibly brutal but fans were able to forgive it once they saw that he was only doing that for protection.

In fact, he has an entire harem of women that all seem to have already been in relationships. He is basically forcing them to be with him since no one actually has a true connection with him that fans can see. With Walking dead sucks show losing such a drastic number in viewers, there is a possibility that there could be some equally drastic changes to the series.

Oftentimes, showrunners become affected by how the public responds to certain Dickhole in a series. Socks meme, showrunners saw that fans were really gravitating towards the character on the television series and he seemed to have major chemistry with some of the actors on the show.

So, the showrunners kept him in the series regardless of the fact that he should have been killed off. The drop in ratings may force the hand of showrunners on The Walking Dead.

While it could mean that Negan might be taken out of the series, it also could mean that the show will start to deviate from the comic book series and perhaps make other changes that will be equally unfavorable to audiences. Yet, viewers definitely have someone to blame for the deaths of Glenn and Abraham. Sources: VarietyAMC. She specializes in entertainment news, and all things trending. By Sara Lu Dec 25, Share Share Tweet Email Comment.

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